Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Random Pics From My Phone


I love taking random weird pics using my phone. hehehehe...

I've got loads that I'll post soon...

Random Pictures I Found On My Mobile Phone

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

These are the picture taken from our company New Years Party!

The theme for this year was a masquerade ball.

I decided to come as a dashing debonaire but ended up looking like a street pimp!

Look at the hair man! and the shirt--- bare chested! LOL

anyway, ill post the pics here, enjoy!

( Boom, Me, Tai )

( Me, Estee,Aoraphim, Boom )

( Boom, Kelvin, Me )

( Kelvin, Aoraphim, Me )

( Group Pic )

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spirits in the Temple

To my amazement and shock, I was able to take alot of interesting pictures at the Temple.

I for one is a sceptic of spirits or whatever you call them showing up in pictures.

I took alot of pictures with these blurry round orbs that surprised me since I've never seen them in any of my old pictures before.

I definitely didn't see these things before I took the pictures but somehow after every click, at the preview of the camera, I see this weird white orbs floating around.

I'll post some pictures here, and you be the judge.

None of the pictures here are altered and I didn't see any of these orbs there during picture taking.

And, of course, my camera is not wet, damaged or anything like that. All the other pictures taken here are from the same camera.

Wat Pa Thumma Uthayan

Wat Pa Thumma Uthayan is the name of the temple we went to in Khon Kaen.
According to my colleague the name means = forest ( Wat ), monk ( Pa ), National Park ( Thumma Uthayan )... so I guess it means the National park of forest monks.

It's my first time to stay over night at a temple, so am really excited.

They gave us small tents and a blanket to keep us warm, some people were lucky to get thin mats, I was one of the unfortunate ones.

We also have a tiny thai pillow, it resembles a wood block about 6 x 6 x 8 inches in dimension. I think it was filled with stones! haha, it was really really hard, you can knock out a person with it if you whack them in the head.

Here's how the sleeping quarters in the temple looks like:

( My little "house" )

( The "refugee camp" )

( Kelvin was unfortunate to get one of those tents that keeps falling apart )

Company Outing Day 1

November 23, 2007

8AM - Its freakin early and we boarded the bus heading to Khon Kaen. Crisp friday morning and everyone in our office is excited to have our company field trip. Heading where? heading to a temple in Khon Kaen. No one has explained to me what to expect in the temple, all they said is that its nice and cold out there.

( This is a picture of me and Kelvin in the bus, excited and chit chatting the whole time of course, although I look fucked up in the morning, am no morning person )

I was told that the estimate travel time to get to the temple is around 5 hours.

1, 2, 3 hours passed and we are still on the road.

Pit stop - Lunch Time : beautiful restaurant in the Korat province. The restaurant is perched on a beautiful cliff that has a wonderful view of the largest freshwater reservoir in Thailand, Lum Ta Kheng is the name of this lake.

( L to R : Boom, Me, Kelvin, Tai )

( Group Pic 1 )

( Group Pic 2 )

I saw this cute wooden horse in the restaurant and had my picture taken riding the horse! hahaha
Here's the pic:

Oh, and by the way, I forgot to take pictures of the yummy lunch we had, because everyone was hungry that we just stuffed ourselves silly with the tasty E-sarn food! I love this particular Thai cuisine, E-sarn for me is the best Thai food there is, everything is a bit sour and spicy, lots of meat, just the way I like it!

I'll be posting more later on... time to go back to work...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Funny Farangs

Yesterday on my way back home, I saw an old farang (caucasian) holding a sign that says "Please help me to go back home, I just need to buy a plane ticket to fly back".

Interesting really, I have no idea why he doesn't go to his embassy and ask help there. What is he doing begging for his plane ticket out in the street?

I don't think anyone will really help him, aside from the fact that its mostly locals who walk in that area where he was at (which means these people don't really earn much) he looks like a dirty old scum who spent all his money buying pussies in Bangkok. ( sorry for the dirty language )

Why would he want to compete with the local beggars?

This is definitely something I haven't seen before...
Amazing Thailand!