Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cancer Sticks

Everytime I feel bored here in the office, I end up making coffee and lighting up a ciggy.

Man, if I do this like for the next ten years, am not so sure if I'll even reach 35, pretty sure lung cancer will strike. ( uggh! ) too morbid -> sorry.

Anyway, it doesn't help that I am allowed to smoke inside the office, since the owner itself smokes, all the head of the department smokes, our clients smokes.
This is the first office I've seen that is Smoker-friendly. We got ashtrays littered everywhere. ( Don't know if this is really a good thing ).

Oh, all this talking bout ciggy makes me want to smoke now, be right back, ill just grab a coffee and ciggy again.

Yosi Break!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fashion Diary

I had an interesting chat with Eileen a couple of days back. We were just discussing all the shit thats happening in our work and lovelife, basically, just trying to catch up a bit.

After an hour or so of wasting the company's resources, he he, we suddenly talked bout clothes, and then, she wanted to see what I've been wearing these days. So I decided to take snapshots of my daily life in Bangkok and let her take a peek at my wardrobe selection.

Eileen, you better give me advice on what and what not to wear.

Last night, I went out clubbing. So here's a pic before i left my pad.

I was wearing my fave Seven Jeans, always makes me look skinny, hahahaha, and my fave funky white Dsquared huge buckle belt. I paired it with this green tank top that i bought in Shenzhen a couple of months back.

It was raining last night, but hell, its always hot at the club, so i dont really care if i freeze to death outside ( although i must admit, in Bangkok, i never had to worry about freezing my ass, instead worry about frying myself in my own tub of lard.

Moving on, after last nights bout of crazy vodka redbull, I must have downed atleast ten tall glasses.... ( this morning, i have to pay for it by feeling like shit, good thing no headaches )

Here's a pic of me at my regular coffee place - smokin a fag and having my much needed caffeine to boost my day.

This time, I just put on the same jeans i was wearing last night, threw on a cap ( too lazy to fix my hair ), my trusty shades to cover my post nightout bugged out eye.

Here's a pic of me taken at Paradon's couch, went here to watch dvd. Haven't seen Dreamgirls yet. hehe

More pics later.....

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I have received a terrible news today....

Damn! I can't go to Italy this September, damn that Thai Immigration!

I was at the Italian Embassy yesterday to process my visa, everything went on smoothly, except for one more requirement that they want from me. They want me to have atleast 3 months remaining work visa before they can process my application. Currently, i have only 2 months left before it needs to be renewed.

In the new thai immigration law, they would not renew my visa unless its a week before it expires! So, basically, I cant have the required 3 months remaining visa before the scheduled flight to Italy. DAMN IT!

Well, atleast there is a next time, but hell! I have to wait until January
next year for the Italian Show, the only good thing though, atleast my first
trip will be for winter.

I'll be looking forward to the Hong Kong show then, at the end of September.

Could have been my first trip to Europe! arrggghhh...

Well, I guess thats how life is, you get some, and you lose some.

sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh

--> now I'd just bury myself with work and not think about the cancelled trip!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

World Warrior

Being away from my family and friends for more than 2 years now, I have been missing everyone back home.

I've chosen a residence, a more humid domicile, to call home: Bangkok.

The first 6 months was the hardest part for me to endure. Everything for me is intoxicatingly new: food, clubs, and alas, my whole lifestyle has changed.

The luxury of my own car to drive at home, i miss that terribly. The protection of the house that i called home for 22 years has been suddenly taken away from me. The familiar smile and laughter of the people I love suddenly echoing in the four corners of my studio apartment, I haven't felt that alone in my life.

I miss the intimacy of family and friendship, the
undoubted sense of belonging to a group that knows me, accepts me does not judge me. I see myself sitting alone in my bed in front of my laptop, staring
blankly, trying to focus when in my head I see myself enjoying a great conversation with a group of friends sipping latte, never a dull moment.

My world has been turned upside-down, from a boy who has everything served in a silver plate, turned into a man who learned how to use a washer and surprise, surprise, learned how to hand-wash some of my clothes. I used to cringe at the idea of folding my own sheets and fixing my own bed, now, I have even mastered the art of cleaning toilet bowls!

Learning house work is the easiest part of it all, doing it consistently is another thing though. All these years, I have taken for granted the tireless service that our house maids has been doing for us. If doing my own chores already bores me to death, I now wonder how it feels if I have to do it for other people.

Much to the surprise of my family and friends when they visited, they saw the transformation of a partyphile Jerson they used to know to a workaholic, independent world warrior.

The more into the realm of self-discovery I venture, the less I seem to know. In due time, I'll be claiming my space in this world, and I'll be happy to say that it would be sooner than later.

Brief Introduction

TO MY FAMILY and FRIENDS, finally I have decided to write a blog to keep everyone updated regarding my adventures here in Asia's City of

I officially moved to Bangkok, Thailand on January 2005. Since then it has been difficult to keep in touch with any of you, working and striving hard to make sure that my life here will be fruitful and worthwhile. Most times, I have been busy working and trying to make ends meet.

Current Residence in Thailand :
Sukhumvit 55 Thonglo, Klongton-nua Wattana Bangkok.

Current Employer:
Jewel Tech Int'l Mfg Co. Ltd.
PartyTime! Thailand Co. Ltd.