Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fashion update

Last Sunday, I went shopping with Tito, and was so happy with all my cool finds. Got them off the weekend market ( Chatuchak ). For those not familiar with the place, this is where one can get tons of amazing stuff, from animals, plants, antiques, clothes, furnitures.. Hmm, i guess there is nothing that Chatuchak doesn't sell.

But before that, I went to Au Bon Pain again for my Sunday brunch, after a crazy night out.

This is my fave meal at Au Bon Pain, grilled chicken and cheese sandwich, caesar salad and lemon iced tea.

This is what i was wearing that afternoon. He he he. Just sloppy outfit, nothin special.

Lookie lookie at what i wore that night to celebrate Tito's birthday at Bed Supperclub.

Dark distressed denim by G Star Raw, extra long studded belt and black v-neck cardigan ( both Chatuchak finds )

Prior to that, this was what I wore a week ago heading to the same club, but on a Saturday night.

Denim jeans by Seven, tank top "alibaba" from Zara, Dsquared white leather belt


BRATinella said...

more sando go! sa gym ka na ba natutulog? question lang nman...
bet ko ung cardigan... ang sleek lang.

ofaj said...

omigesh. I love G+Star Raw. And I'm planning to buy a navy trech coat chuva when I get my salary.


jersontriguero said...

salamat po Eileen, and yeah to answer your question, sa gym na nga ako natutulog! hahaha adik adik sa gym ngayon, tumaba kasi ako e.

and Ofaj, yeah, love ko din Gstar, maganda kasi fit sa akin, medyo mahal nga lang, kaya 2 lang ang nabili ko.

may malaking flagship store sila dito now sa Bangkok. Finally!


ofaj said...

ah mahal din jan? grabe. kala ko dito lang mahal kasi tangina dito lahat mahal. haha