Saturday, September 1, 2007

It's always nice to bump into a friend that one hasn't seen for a long long time

The bell rang and its time to go home. After hours of non-stop calls from clients at work. Finally, Its time for me to go home and rest. I've been looking forward to this since I wasn't feeling good that morning. Was having another attack of that dreaded migraine.

Final chore to be done before I can head home is to send an order to a client in his hotel, which is roughly 5 minutes walk from the office.

Of course, the ever "i know it all" me, I decided its so easy to find the hotel without asking for directions. I mean, I've been living in Bangkok for almost three years now, if I can find hidden shops tucked in the city, how hard can it be to find a huge hotel nearby where I work?

Man, was I wrong, I spent the next 30 minutes trying to locate the hotel, and finally, once i got tired and sweaty, decided to call the client to find out how to get to his hotel. After getting the direction, took me 3 minutes to find the freakin hotel.

Swear to god, I didn't see it first although I was walking around in circles in the same area.

Moving on, I was just happy to just get rid of the parcel and head home.

Traffic as usual was horrendous, and since I just can't wait to get home, I decided I'll take the subway.

I was walking quite fast when suddenly I heard my name being called. My name is quite unique out here in Bangkok. So i quickly glanced back, and I was greeted by a familiar face, so familiar that I quickly ran back and hugged my friend Tito.

Tito was one of those good ole friend that you don't really know why you never informed them that you already moved. He was just as surprised as I was when i saw him out in the streets of Silom.

We had a quick chit chat and decided we should go sit down and grab some coffee and update each other.

I found out that he is on vacation alone since its his birthday this coming Sunday, and he wanted to celebrate it on his own, away from the usual endless bouts of drunken parties to celebrate his birthday. This time he wanted something new.

After an hour or so, I was really tired, but its always great to see a familiar face in this overwhelmingly fast paced city. We both headed in different directions, he going to Patpong to do some early shopping, and as for me, I just wanted to go home. We more catching up to do, so we decided we will go out for a couple of drinks and I'll show him some clubs to go to here in the Bangkok.

Here's a pic of me before I left my place to meet him.

I had to wear a light jacket since its raining a lot that night, and had to carry a bag since I have to wake up early the next morning for work, decided I'll sleep over Jeffrey's place since he lives a mere 5 minutes away from my office compared to 45 minute travel that I have to endure everyday commuting from my pad to the office.

And here's a pic of what I was wearing that morning to head to work.

More pictures to follow, he brought his digital camera with him (Tito) so we have some pics taken at the pubs.

As soon as i get a copy, I'll post it here.


Allan said...

your bag looks nice... I think. :-)

BRATinella said...

GANDA NG BAG MO! i love it! ano yan? yan ba ung CK?

jersontriguero said...

Gift tong bag na to, wala pa pic yung CK ko, hindi ko pa nagagamit for a long time.