Saturday, September 8, 2007

My tiny apartment

I was pretty lucky to get this small apartment right smack in the middle of the most trendy street in Bangkok.

I literally live right across from all the happening places in this soi (street). Coffee shops, town centres, supermarkets, boutique shops and great restaurants are all a hop and a skip away from where I stay.

The rent is pretty cheap too, for the location, this is a great find. My room is pretty small though, basic, yeah, but am happy with what I did to make it more comfy. I got this room unfurnished and I still remember the time that Eileen was here and there was barely anything inside my room. How I was so pissed off that the furniture shop didn't deliver in time, we both ended up sleeping in comforters ( no bed, no couch ) nothing in the room.

Well, let me give you a peek on how things have changed since then.

This is a picture of what my balcony looks like, I filled it with plants just to liven up the small space. I never use the balcony anyway, its way too hot outside.

And here is a pic of my shoe rack, yeah, I love shoes.

My lovely bed and the full length mirror ( right next to my door ), have to check how I look before I leave my place.

My TV and other stuff ( too lazy to enumerate ).

Oh, and here is what I wore this morning to work, just v-neck tee with rooster print (looks like the Kellogs cornflakes rooster) and red wide belt paired with dark denim (7s) and oh yeah, behind me is the dresser.

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BRATinella said...

wala akong pagsidlan ng kaligayahan sa mga pics ng balur mo now because i was there nung wala pang kalaman laman yan. i love what you did in the balcony! pano na yan nde na tayo makakayosi? puro halaman na lang!