Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cancer Sticks

Everytime I feel bored here in the office, I end up making coffee and lighting up a ciggy.

Man, if I do this like for the next ten years, am not so sure if I'll even reach 35, pretty sure lung cancer will strike. ( uggh! ) too morbid -> sorry.

Anyway, it doesn't help that I am allowed to smoke inside the office, since the owner itself smokes, all the head of the department smokes, our clients smokes.
This is the first office I've seen that is Smoker-friendly. We got ashtrays littered everywhere. ( Don't know if this is really a good thing ).

Oh, all this talking bout ciggy makes me want to smoke now, be right back, ill just grab a coffee and ciggy again.

Yosi Break!!!

1 comment:

BRATinella said...

NAKAKA-INGGIT!!!! sana ganyan din sa ofc nmin. kelangan pa nga nmin magtago just to smoke because the boss does not know that we smoke. teenager lang kami!