Thursday, August 9, 2007


I have received a terrible news today....

Damn! I can't go to Italy this September, damn that Thai Immigration!

I was at the Italian Embassy yesterday to process my visa, everything went on smoothly, except for one more requirement that they want from me. They want me to have atleast 3 months remaining work visa before they can process my application. Currently, i have only 2 months left before it needs to be renewed.

In the new thai immigration law, they would not renew my visa unless its a week before it expires! So, basically, I cant have the required 3 months remaining visa before the scheduled flight to Italy. DAMN IT!

Well, atleast there is a next time, but hell! I have to wait until January
next year for the Italian Show, the only good thing though, atleast my first
trip will be for winter.

I'll be looking forward to the Hong Kong show then, at the end of September.

Could have been my first trip to Europe! arrggghhh...

Well, I guess thats how life is, you get some, and you lose some.

sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh

--> now I'd just bury myself with work and not think about the cancelled trip!

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BRATinella said...

shucks! sayang! ngayon pa lang mag-ipon ka na ng winter collection clothes.