Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fashion Diary

I had an interesting chat with Eileen a couple of days back. We were just discussing all the shit thats happening in our work and lovelife, basically, just trying to catch up a bit.

After an hour or so of wasting the company's resources, he he, we suddenly talked bout clothes, and then, she wanted to see what I've been wearing these days. So I decided to take snapshots of my daily life in Bangkok and let her take a peek at my wardrobe selection.

Eileen, you better give me advice on what and what not to wear.

Last night, I went out clubbing. So here's a pic before i left my pad.

I was wearing my fave Seven Jeans, always makes me look skinny, hahahaha, and my fave funky white Dsquared huge buckle belt. I paired it with this green tank top that i bought in Shenzhen a couple of months back.

It was raining last night, but hell, its always hot at the club, so i dont really care if i freeze to death outside ( although i must admit, in Bangkok, i never had to worry about freezing my ass, instead worry about frying myself in my own tub of lard.

Moving on, after last nights bout of crazy vodka redbull, I must have downed atleast ten tall glasses.... ( this morning, i have to pay for it by feeling like shit, good thing no headaches )

Here's a pic of me at my regular coffee place - smokin a fag and having my much needed caffeine to boost my day.

This time, I just put on the same jeans i was wearing last night, threw on a cap ( too lazy to fix my hair ), my trusty shades to cover my post nightout bugged out eye.

Here's a pic of me taken at Paradon's couch, went here to watch dvd. Haven't seen Dreamgirls yet. hehe

More pics later.....


BRATinella said...

more sando go! wala kang takot (actually kahit andito ka pa lang nman ganyan ka na e...nakalakhan mo na yan. as i have told you before, i love your shades!

BRATinella said...

i forget to mention earlier... take more pics of your apratment. i wanna see how it looks now. it's been years na kasi since i last saw it. judge ko lang hahahahaha